Emmy’s Story

“Your donations definitely changed my life.”

My name is Emelia but people call me “Emmy”. I am 18 years old and currently I am 7 months pregnant. I have struggled with the fact that I’ll be having a baby arriving but I see the blessing God has given me and I’m looking on the bright side. Even though there will be many things I have to sacrifice, I’m willing to do just that for my little baby. I have learned that being a mother is a great thing but it has its struggles; regardless of the situations I face, I am willing to do my best.

Emmy's Story

When I came to My Choice Medical Clinic it was because my mom set an appointment up and told me I was going. I didn’t really care to talk about my pregnancy, but as I continued to come I have learned many healthy tips and advice. I’m very thankful that my mom made me come. Even though I struggled at one point, even after I was coming to My Choice, with thinking about abortion, My Choice was there for me. My consultant, Deanna Karloski, helped me by providing me with information regarding abortion. I was always pro-life but when I became pregnant it was really hard for me to not think of it. Being pregnant and in the position, it’s very different. I am glad to say that I chose life even after I thought about terminating my pregnancy. My consultant is a huge help! I’m very blessed to have met her and I continue to enjoy her company.

My due date is August 14, 2012 and I’m looking forward to having my baby arrive soon! I plan to name my baby boy, Jeremiah Cameron. All in all, I’m very blessed to have a clinic like My Choice to come to! Thank you for all your donations because it made a huge difference in mine and my baby’s life. Your donations definitely changed my life.