Change for Life

It only takes a little, to change a lot.

With your spare change, lives are transformed when the truth is shared clearly and without judgment.

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Now’s your chance to help someone in need.

Your tax-deductible gift with every filled bottle is a gift that helps to save a life. In the 10 years, since 2005, the baby bottle campaign has earned $317,056.35. Join others and make a donation today.

Total amount given in 2015/2016:


Make a Donation
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Lives changed, one cent at a time.

Every life matters, and every penny counts. Life Choices is committed to changing the culture in our communities to embrace life. We share the unwavering truth of abundant life by assisting and educating woman and men in crisis.

Your gift's impact:

  • $25 Provides counseling to anyone facing unplanned pregnancy
  • $50 Provides sexual integrity education in a local classroom for one day
  • $100 Provides counseling and a view into the womb for a mom considering abortion
  • $500 Provides medical, educational, and relational support throughout the entire pregnancy for both mom and baby
  • $1,000 Ensures men and women in crisis find Life Choices first in marketing, advertising, and internet searches
Real stories

Your donations will change people’s life.

Below are actual testimonies from our clients in their own words, filled with gratitude towards our clinics and it’s staff and volunteers.

  • I was always pro-life but when I became pregnant it was really hard for me to not think of it (abortion). Being pregnant and in the position, it's very different. I am glad to say that I chose life even after I thought about terminating my pregnancy. My consultant is a huge help! I'm very blessed to have met her.
  • When I came to My Choice Medical Clinic … I struggled at one point, thinking about abortion, (but) My Choice was there for me. My consultant helped me by providing me with information regarding abortion.
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