Our Organizations

My Choice Medical Clinic

My Choice Medial Clinic

A non-profit organization, offering confidential, respectful and compassionate care to anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy or the after-effects of abortion. They are committed to giving accurate information in a caring and private atmosphere.

They are here to provide you with a FREE lab quality pregnancy test and medically accurate information.

Services Offered:

  • STD/STI Testing
  • Medical Pregnancy Verification
  • Ultrasounds
  • 24-Hour Helpline
  • Abortion Education
  • Sexual Health Information
  • Material Aid
  • Referrals (Medical, Community Resources, Housing, Educational Assistance and Adoption Agencies)

To learn more about My Choice Medical Clinic, head on over to their web site!

My Choice Education

My Choice Education is driven to empower, equip, and educate students and adults alike to make healthy decisions regarding their own sexuality and healthy relationships since 2001.

Each presentation is based on nationally recognized curriculum which meets the National CDC Sexual Health Guidelines for education curriculum1 and adheres to the PA Education Code guidelines regarding the topic of communicable diseases as outlined in section 4.29.2

Available programs include:

  • REAL Essentials
  • REALLY, Let’s Talk About Sex
  • REALLY, What Now?

My Choice will work with you in order to design a presentation which meets the specific needs of your students. To learn more, contact us at Christy@yourlifechoicesinfo.com!

Student Feedback

“You made everything seem natural and not awkward at all. This made us more open to listening to you.”

“Great presentation! Very Informative, both speakers really engaged with the audience and made it fun to learn.”

“Learning about STDs was fun and useful because of the interactions we had with the stuffed toys. Also, the social media facts were eye opening. The teacher did a great job being honest and compassionate with us.”

“You approached the topics very well and did a fantastic job at making the topics interesting and fun. Not at all awkward, which I am sure we all appreciated. Well done :)”

“In my opinion, I thought this was a good way to learn about healthy relationships and setting boundaries.”

Educator Feedback

Apollo Ridge Health Teacher - "Well informed and all around great instructor. I have seen a variety of programs health based come through schools. This is a top rate program that I would highly recommend. Continue the great work!”

Kiski Area FACS Teacher - “The information was so great, would have loved to hear more. Gave great and useful information. More session would be wonderful! Great Program! (My Choice) did a wonderful job.”

Apollo Ridge Health Teacher - "very up to date information. Very happy with My Choice. (the presenter) really got on students’ level and I kept hearing positive feedback from my students. Really like that the information was on my students’ level and concepts stuck with students. Thank you for taking the time and energy to come in."

1 www.cdc.gov/healthyyouth/sexualbehaviors/guidelines/#Curriculum
2 www.pacode.com/secure/data/022/chapter4/s4.29.html