As a supporter of Life Choices, you are playing a huge role in helping men, women, and of course babies! We want you to get an inside view of some of the people who you have touched.


As a supporter of Life Choices, you are playing a huge role in helping men, women, and of course babies! We want you to get an inside view of some of the people who you have touched.

2014 Butler Client

“You will remain forever in our hearts and I will be forever grateful!”

From the very beginning, when I was lost on the path of my life, you were there to save and guide me. If it wasn’t for your compassionate, understanding and beyond truly caring guidance, my little angel may not have been here today.

As hard as it was to even think I could never be a good mother, you opened my eyes and made me realize how good I already was. I am so truly blessed to have found a place where support and love got me through a very tough time in my life. I could never put into words how thankful I am to every single one of you.

[Baby] was born on October 23, 2014 weighing at 7lbs 11oz, 20 inches long, and was a perfectly healthy baby. You will remain forever in our hearts and I will be forever grateful!

Crystal’s Story

“I want an abortion!”

I have told my story on many occasions, including Life Choice’s 2008 banquet, but that first sentence never seems to get any easier to say or write. However, it is also one of the most important sentences I have ever said, next to, “I can’t do it; I can’t take my child’s life.” Both of these sentences were statements I made in January 2008. When I found out I was pregnant, I was 18 years old and attending my second semester of college. I was scared and did not feel I had any other option regardless of the support I had from my boyfriend. That is when those awful words exited my mouth. One week later, I was sitting in Life Choices learning the truth about my BABY, and yes it was a baby even if he was very tiny. When my boyfriend and I left the office that day, the second statement came from both of our hearts. We already loved that tiny child that was growing within my body and knew that regardless our lives were changed forever.

That little boy is now almost 3.5 years old and one of the most important people in my life and while it is true that my life changed, I cannot imagine any other decision making me happier than I am today. He has shaped me into the person I am and I will forever be grateful to him and to God for that. My boyfriend has now become my husband and absolutely my best friend (not to mention a wonderful father) and by the end of February 2012, we should have our second child in our arms to love just as much as the first.

Now that you know a little about us, I would like to share why we support Life Choices both financially and through prayer. It is really very simple, if it wasn’t for Life Choices, I do not know where I would be today and I LOVE where I am today. However, it does go a little further than that, because it is not only because of Life Choices, but those that donated their time, prayers, and funds to Life Choices. It is because of these people that my boyfriend and I made the decision we did and for this I would like to say thank you. I can only hope and pray that what we give to Life Choices helps other young women make the same educated decision that I/we did.

Emmy’s Story

“Your donations definitely changed my life.”

My name is Emelia but people call me “Emmy”. I am 18 years old and currently I am 7 months pregnant. I have struggled with the fact that I’ll be having a baby arriving but I see the blessing God has given me and I’m looking on the bright side. Even though there will be many things I have to sacrifice, I’m willing to do just that for my little baby. I have learned that being a mother is a great thing but it has its struggles; regardless of the situations I face, I am willing to do my best.

Emmy's Story

When I came to My Choice Medical Clinic it was because my mom set an appointment up and told me I was going. I didn’t really care to talk about my pregnancy, but as I continued to come I have learned many healthy tips and advice. I’m very thankful that my mom made me come. Even though I struggled at one point, even after I was coming to My Choice, with thinking about abortion, My Choice was there for me. My consultant, Deanna Karloski, helped me by providing me with information regarding abortion. I was always pro-life but when I became pregnant it was really hard for me to not think of it. Being pregnant and in the position, it’s very different. I am glad to say that I chose life even after I thought about terminating my pregnancy. My consultant is a huge help! I’m very blessed to have met her and I continue to enjoy her company.

My due date is August 14, 2012 and I’m looking forward to having my baby arrive soon! I plan to name my baby boy, Jeremiah Cameron. All in all, I’m very blessed to have a clinic like My Choice to come to! Thank you for all your donations because it made a huge difference in mine and my baby’s life. Your donations definitely changed my life.

Missy’s Story

By: Traci Fiaretti

I met Missy in mid October 2009. Her friend Monica had called to get her an appointment during a time when Monica was concerned that Missy had reached her breaking point.

I sat down with Missy in the consulting room where we talked about her life following her abortion that consisted of addiction to both drugs and alcohol, and of her recovery and sobriety. But even with the addictions in check, the depression and anxiety were getting the best of her. She had reached the end of her strength and needed to get some strength from someone else.

It was during our first 60 minute appointment that Missy made a decision to give her heart and life to Jesus. This was the beginning of our journey together into forgiveness, healing, and recovery. “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12.

I sent Missy home with the book “Her Choice to Heal”. She read the entire book throughout the week leading up to our next appointment. We dove into the “Her Choice to Heal” Post Abortion Bible Study and week by week, layer by layer we watched as the Holy Spirit began to peel back Missy’s years of painful unhealed wounds and replace them with beautiful new wineskins. Missy had to work hard, but her hard work paid off. We finished the study in 12 weeks and ended it with a beautiful memorial service FOR MISSY’S UNBORN SON.

What Missy said about Life Choices

“This program helped me in many ways. I have a much better understanding of God’s grace. The love and support that I got from Traci made me feel confident enough to share my story with my sisters, and I now have their support…When I enrolled in the class I wanted help with guilt and anger, and I feel like those issues were addressed adequately. I have received healing on these issues.”

We all have a story.
If Life Choices is a part of yours, please share.

Stories have purpose. They can bring encouragement and joy to others.
They set people free. God blesses us and others when we share His goodness.

Take a moment and tell us how God has blessed you and your family.

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